Our Impact In The Community

In Stanislaus County, over 70% of 3rd grade students are not reading at grade-level, which means they’re at a higher risk for dropping out of high school, teenage pregnancy and incarceration.

Stanislaus Community Foundation, in partnership with Stanislaus County Office of Education, The Children and Families Commission, Stanislaus County Libraries and several school districts, are joining forces to participate in the national Campaign for Grade-Level Reading. The larger campaign is a network of communities that are working within their respective regions to turn the tide so that every student has a chance of success.  Visit StanReads.org to learn more about this important community initiative.

Stanislaus Futures is a long-term and large-scale effort to provide low-income Stanislaus County students the opportunity to achieve their college and career goals. Increasing the number of college graduates in Stanislaus County will lead to a vibrant economy and better quality of life for all.

Stanislaus Community Foundation is partnering with local educational institutions and private philanthropists to help students navigate the complicated road to higher education, persist through college, and earn a bachelor’s degree. Stanislaus Futures has three focus areas: Access. Atain. Align.

The Irvine New Leadership Network brings together business, nonprofit, education, government, health, faith and media leaders from the San Joaquin Valley in California to work in the “dynamic space” between sectors – finding common ground and building trust – and then working together on important initiatives in the community. The overall goal of this program is to create a meaningful network of well-connected citizen leaders who can help drive significant change in their community.

Stanislaus Community Foundation has partnered with The Irvine New Leadership Network since 2016 to administer this important program and strengthen Stanislaus County’s collective tissue. Read more about our region’s NLN participants.

Olga Cardenas

“As a librarian, I’m in the business of helping transform peoples’ lives by providing access to information, materials and tools. As a grantee, the Foundation opened previously unimaginable ways to serve non-library users in Stanislaus County through their connections. Thanks to the Foundation, the Stanislaus County Library was able to serve over 3,000 people outside the library within a seven-month period.”

– Olga Cardenas
Librarian, Stanislaus County Library