In charitable giving, each gift is unique. Every donor has different philanthropic interests and priorities, as well as a different financial situation. To meet that variety of needs, Stanislaus Community Foundation offers flexible giving options. Any fund can be expendable or permanently endowed, and can be easily and efficiently set up in your name or the name of your organization.


Establishing A Fund: Choose Your Focus

Unrestricted Funds – Think Broadly

Use your fund to meet ever-changing community needs with ease and flexibility. Unrestricted funds offer the broadest giving option, allowing Stanislaus Community Foundation to provide grants where community needs – and impact – is greatest.

Donor Advised Funds – Stay Involved

Donor-advised funds can be set up by individuals, families or corporations. This popular fund type allows donors to recommend specific organizations to receive grants, while we manage the grant process and ensure accountability. Donor-advised funds are an excellent alternative to private foundations.

Field of Interest Funds – Address Issues

A field-of-interest fund allows you to target a favorite cause or issue without having to name a specific charity. You decide the purpose of the fund, such as meeting the needs of children or protecting the environment, and the Foundation identifies projects and organizations that will most effectively accomplish your interests over time.

Scholarship Funds – Expand Access

Help support students as they pursue their academic dreams. As a donor, you may define guidelines for student candidacy, the field of study, school and district that they wish to impact, and the amount of the scholarship. You can engage in the process of awarding the scholarship or allow Stanislaus Community Foundation to handle the details.

Designated Funds – Targeted, Ongoing Support

Direct your gift to a specific nonprofit or multiple organizations. You identify the recipients you wish to benefit from your fund; our staff manages the ongoing distribution.

Agency Funds – Grow the Mission

Established by nonprofit and public agencies; we manage administrative and investment responsibilities, freeing the organization to pursue its charitable mission. Organizations may permanently endow, or expend the fund entirety.

Sheila Carrol

“Our family cares deeply about our community.  Investing in families, education and nonprofits provides much-needed assistance and resources to those in need.  It’s gratifying and fulfilling to be part of a Foundation that contributes to the betterment and quality of life in our community.”

– Sheila Carroll
Fundholder, Carroll Family Fund