SCF Announces High-Impact Advisory Circle

March 8, 2018

As part of its mission to build a culture of philanthropy in the region, Stanislaus Community Foundation has formed an Advisory Circle of local philanthropists who will engage with the organization in coming years to galvanize more local charitable investments.

The Advisory Circle gathered for their first luncheon on Thursday, March 1, with presentations by local leaders on topics including crime and safety, regional economics, education and homelessness. In convening this group, Stanislaus Community Foundation strives to impact its larger vision of making Stanislaus County a community of choice where people live, work and thrive.

“We know that compared to other regions, Stanislaus is philanthropically under sourced,” said Marian Kaanon, Stanislaus Community Foundation’s President and CEO.  “Our new Advisory Circle is a network that we plan to engage and learn with, over time.  Our goal is to collectively galvanize strategic philanthropic investments in our community.”

To serve on the Advisory Circle, an individual must display:

  • An aspirational and positive future vision for Stanislaus as a community with opportunity
  • A track record of significant philanthropic investment
  • A knowledge of community issues
  • A commitment to learn more about community needs
  • A local network of influence among peers

Advisory Circle Members
Carol Bright Tougas
John Evans
Jeani Ferrari
Ron Foster
Dianne Gagos
Mike Gemperle
Michael L. Gianelli
James Gilbert
Clive Grimbleby
Jeff Grover
John Jacinto
Mark Jensen
Bill Lyons
Ron Martella
John Mayol
Nicole Pesco
Norman B. Porges
Edwin Rizo
John Rogers
Robert Stewart
Julie Gallo Vander Wall
Ann M. Veneman
Gary West
Steve Zeff