We Make It Easy

In many instances, setting up a donor-advised fund provides an efficient and easy alternative to setting up a private foundation; at a fraction of the time and financial outlay. Some of the major differences between the two options are highlighted below. Please consult your professional advisor or call Stanislaus Community Foundation to learn more.

  • The IRS allows higher tax deductions for contributions into Donor Advised Funds
  • Donor Advised Funds at Stanislaus Community Foundation can be setup quickly – often within a day
  • Donor Advised Funds do not have a minimum annual spending requirement
  • Donor Advised Funds do not need a separate Board of Directors
  • Donor Advised Funds do not require an annual audit
  • Donor Advised Funds can be kept private and do not have to publicly disclose assets
  • Donor Advised Funds are not subject to an excise tax on investments
  • Stanislaus Community Foundation handles all investment and administration on your Donor Advised Fund – freeing you up to focus on philanthropy

For a more detailed look at the differences between a private foundation and a community foundation, please download this PDF.

Dale Boyett

“The Stanislaus Community Foundation has assisted with our Make Dreams Real Endowment Fund by helping us remain compliant and managing the administration of our fund.  The Foundation has also helped streamline or grant application process.  I appreciate how they help make giving easy and flexible for us.”

– Dale Boyett
President, Boyett Petroleum
Fundholder, Make Dreams Real Endowment Fund