We Provide Solutions

As a professional advisor, you may play a key role in helping your clients structure their charitable giving plans. Your clients look to you for tax-smart advice. Our staff is skilled in working with people who have multiple charitable, personal and financial objectives, and sometimes complex gift situations. As your partner in charitable giving we can help you achieve success for your clients and our community.

Call on us for help in establishing a fund, selecting an investment strategy and setting up an effective grantmaking or scholarship program. We have extensive problem-solving experience and work with countless corporations, nonprofit agencies and organizations on a variety of local issues.

Lou Friedman

“Stanislaus Community Foundation provides a vehicle which allows our clients to control the timing and ultimate beneficiary of their gifts.  Working with the Foundation assures the desired tax result of a gift to a public charity, but leaves our clients with the flexibility to determine the ultimate use of their funds.”

– Lou Friedman
Attorney, Gianelli Nielsen