Our Charitable Funds

Agency Funds

The Foundation manages these funds on behalf of local nonprofit organizations. 

  • Center for Human Services 
  • Central CA Art Association Fund
  • Central Valley Foods Resources Bank Fund
  • Central Valley Professional Exchange Fund
  • Central West Ballet Fund
  • City of Modesto Parks & Recreation Fund
  • Dependency Legal Fund 
  • Education Foundation of Stanislaus County
  • Great Valley Center Fund
  • Modesto Band of Stanislaus County Fund
  • Modesto Firefighters Training Symposium Fund
  • Modesto Gateway Rotary Club Foundation Fund
  • Modesto Lions Club Fund
  • Modesto Police Historical Society Fund
  • Modesto Police Memorial Fund
  • Modesto Rotary Club Foundation Endowment
  • Modesto Rotary Club Foundation
  • National Ag Science Center
  • Sierra Vista Child and Family Fund
  • Sunrise Rotary Foundation Fund            
  • Wellspring Foundation of Stanislaus County Fund

Designated Funds

Grants are made from these funds to specific organizations of the donors' preference. 

  • Donovan & Alberta Bodes Family Fund
  • Focus on Prevention Fund
  • Lloyd S. & Virginia M. Parks Memorial Fund
  • Lo Conte Fund
  • Nick Chipponeri Family Fund
  • O'BGreen O'Brien's Market Fund

Fiscal Sponsorships

The Foundation assumes responsibility for these funds of ad hoc groups or other entities without 501(c)(3) status.

  • Friends of the Empire Community Pool Fund
  • Friends of the Modesto Dog Park Fund
  • George A. Rogers Neighborhood Park Fund
  • Hughson Sports and Fitness Complex Fund
  • Imagination Library Turlock - ABC Project
  • Partners in Paint Fund

Donor Advised Funds

Grants are made from these funds based on the advice and preferences of the donor. 

  • Abigail Colby Floyd Memorial Fund
  • Ambeck Mortgage Fund
  • Augusta Fund  
  • Bill & Nancy Jackson Family Fund
  • Bowen & Michelle Cardoza Family Foundation Fund
  • Boyett Family Fund
  • Boyett Petroleum "B Green Project" Fund
  • Boyett Petroleum "Make Dreams Real" Fund
  • Cardoza Bordona Family Fund
  • Cardoza Conner Be Kind Fund
  • Carroll Family Fund 
  • Ciara Chiesa's Circle of Hope Fund
  • Clark Family Fund
  • Data Path Fund
  • Eric and Carol Benson
  • Evans Family Fund
  • Florence Caruso Family Fund
  • Friedman Family Fund
  • Froba Family Fund
  • Garton Tractor Family Fund
  • Gianelli Family Fund
  • Grover Family Fund
  • Gulvin Family Fund
  • The InterTwine Group Fund
  • Iron Otter Fund
  • John and Diane Bellizzi Family Fund
  • Johnny Etchebarne's Nugget Fund
  • Kayla Bernardi Bee Positive Foundation Fund
  • Layman Family Fund
  • Maya Rose Children's Fund
  • Paul & Meika Harmon Family Fund
  • Prime Shine/Porges Family Foundation Fund
  • Raspo Family Fund
  • Robert Woolley Fund
  • Ryan Michael Barber Memorial Fund
  • Strom Family Fund
  • Van Overbeek Family Fund 

Field of Interest Funds

Grants are made from these funds based on needs in specific issue areas.

Scholarships Funds

Grants are made from these funds based on the criteria of individual scholarships, as established by the donor.

  • Ambeck Mortgage Scholarship
  • Arthur R. & Corinne K Shields Scholarship
  • Beyer High School Athletic Scholarship
  • Camp Jack Hazard – "Bart Bennett" Scholarship 
  • Camp Jack Hazard – "Robert Babington" Scholarship 
  • Chiton Society Scholarship
  • Club of Hearts Scholarship
  • Diane Bava Amador Scholarship
  • Don Hendricks Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Grant E. and Colleen S. Bare Scholarship
  • Dr. Larry Cooke Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. William C. Parker Memorial Scholarship 
  • Edward T. Taylor Jr. Perpetual Memorial Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Jane Smyth Memorial Scholarship
  • Evelyn Hanshaw Scholarship 
  • The First Tee of Central Valley Scholarship
  • George Rogers Scholarship
  • Gemperle Family Farms Scholarship Fund
  • James McClatchy Scholarship
  • Jane Wynne Woolley Memorial 
  • Judy Wiegman Scholarship 
  • Latino Business Association Scholarship 
  • Mary Grogan Scholarship
  • Martella Family Scholarship
  • Melinda Nielsen Family Scholarship 
  • Modesto Chamber of Commerce Scholarship 
  • Oakdale Riverbank Escalon (AAUW) Scholarship 
  • Pat Maciel Lubeck Scholarship
  • Ryan Dickerson Scholarship 
  • Sammy Jenkins Math Scholarship
  • Stanislaus County Workforce Alliance Scholarship
  • Trinitas Farming Community Scholarship
  • Trinitas Farming Scholarship
  • Tuolumne Scholarship 
  • Virginia Azevedo Scholarship 
  • Youngheim Family Scholarship
  • Zwahlen Family Scholarship

Unrestricted Funds

This Community Foundation unrestricted fund is used to address urgent community needs and emerging opportunities. The Foundation staff and board will apply their expertise in the distribution of these funds. 

  • Bette Belle & Jean Smith Memorial Fund
  • James McClatchy Endowment Fund