Message from our CEO

What is a Community Foundation?

A community foundation is a place-based public charity created by and for a specific region of people. We house over 100 unique charitable funds under our umbrella. These funds are set up by individuals, families, corporations, public and nonprofit agencies - anyone with a charitable goal can achieve it, easily and efficiently, by utilizing the services of a community foundation.

Since 2002, Stanislaus Community Foundation has provided over $13 million in grants and scholarships within our region. Learn more about our tri-fold mission to fund our community's needs and aspirations well into the future.

Thanks for visiting our website and we hope you will contact us to learn more about our various fund vehicles and how we can help whether you are a donor, a grant seeker or simply want to learn more about the power of giving.

In the spirit of giving,

Marian Kaanon



Building Community:
Stanislaus Community Foundation 2016 Annual Report

2016 was an exciting and productive year with over $1.3 million in grants and scholarships disbursed to local agencies and students and over $21 million in long-term philanthropic assets by year end. But those figures barely scratch the surface of Stanislaus Community Foundation's progress. Read our 2016 annual report to learn more!

Apply for the Irvine New Leadership Network - Stanislaus

Stanislaus Community Foundation and the James Irvine New Leadership Network have joined forces to bring you New Leadership Network Stanislaus. The James Irvine Foundation is committed to investing resources and empowering communities to come up with solutions that work locally, with the belief that one of the best ways to support the San Joaquin Valley is to support local leaders working together to improve their region. Learn more and apply now

Modesto Bee's Bee A Reader Campaign

The Modesto Bee and Stanislaus Community Foundation have joined forces to ensure Stanislaus County children have access to educational activities that allow for learning during the summer month. The Bee a Reader Fund is an annual project to help raise awareness of the importance of summer learning and to increase community awareness of the importance of summer learning and to increase community investments towards quality summer programs, so that kids can continue to leap ahead.
Donate to the Bee a Reader Fund.